Why? (why, why, why, why)

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” 
Friedrich Nietzsche


Do you think you have a calling in life? Something you were just meant for? I think about this a lot. I think there are certain professions where people tend to say a lot of things like “it takes a special person” — and teaching is one of them. As if there are these certain jobs that are “a calling” or more important than others in some way. ⁣

You know what though, I don’t think teaching is my calling. Like, at all actually. But, I do think I have a calling — I’m just using teaching math to express it right now. ⁣

There’s this thing I’ve heard about a lot “The 5 Whys” where you ask why to yourself or someone else 5 times — to really get to the core of the, well, why. And it’s so interesting to actually do. ⁣

I’m a teacher. Why? Because I want to do something that affects the next generation. Why? Because I care about the future of our world. Why? Because I believe that people are good and deserve an equal and just society. Why? Because I’ve seen and experienced both sides, and the devastation inequality creates. Why? Because I care about inequality. I care about others. ⁣

So, why am I a teacher? CliffNotes version — because I care about inequality, because I care about others. Not because I’m called to teach. I can live my calling in so many different ways. In my work and outside of it. But for now this is one of the ways.⁣

Big question, I know, but what do you feel called to do?