to the moon and back

Day four in New Mexico. I woke up early to hit the road to Alamogordo. The drive from Roswell was about 2 hours through beautiful country. 

The only thing I had planned was a visit to White Sands National Monument, leaving time for some roadside attractions. 

Luckily I saw a sign for the New Mexico Museum of Space History! Obviously I had to stop. 

You start on the fourth floor and work your way down the museum chronicling the history of space in New Mexico. You also get to practice landing the space shuttle (see above - I crashed only once or twice) There is also a cool Space Hall of Fame with filmmakers as this years inductees. 

At the end of the exhibits you can dress up as an astronaut for pictures. I was flying solo so I chose not to put on the full spacesuit but.. next time. Also, in a once in a lifetime moment (like being on the moon) specify what you want when asking strangers to take your picture. This scene was way cooler in real life. ahhhh #solotravelproblems

Then it was time for the main event - White Sands! I stopped at the Visitor Center on the way in but passed on renting a sled (mistake). My National Parks Pass got me in without admission and I started driving towards the most surreal landscape I'd ever seen (and remember, I was on the moon just minutes before) 

The road quickly goes from paved to completely sand covered and you really feel like you are in a different world. It was super windy so I didn't stay as long as I wanted. BUT ... you can camp in the backcountry on the dunes so I see a longer trip in my future.. and sunset pictures!

But until then - daylight pictures are alright too. Although they don't do any justice to the place. You have to see it for yourself! 

Still mastering the camera timer - and maybe got in a fight here?

After I left I headed back up North for my next adventure. Until next time White Sands..