Friday Favorites -- November 2, 2018

People ask me a lot of questions about my favorite “x, y, and z”. Unfortunately, I am not always the best at responding to messages and questions. So here are a few of my favorites today:

Favorite New Jacket — Eddie Bauer MicroTherm 2.0

Full disclosure, Eddie Bauer sent me this for free, but I am under no obligation to write about it. I just want to! It is the perfect fit, color, and weight. It also goes perfectly with my pink/purple jacket collection :)

Favorite Book — Lost Connections

I just finished reading this book. I am no expert, but I really enjoyed it. This is one of my favorite authors, and despite being full of information I read it in just a few days. Definitely recommend.

Favorite Food — Butternut Squash Soup

I am so into my Butternut Squash Soup recipe! I have shared it in my stories once, and gotten tons of good feedback. I’ve already made this 4+ times this fall, each time making enough for several days. I top it with mushroom brie from Trader Joes, chives, and pecans. Grab a glass of wine and you’re set.

Favorite Beauty Product — The Ordinary Caffeine Solution

I’ve talked about this before, but I honestly think this has changed my life. It is one of the only beauty products I have completely used up and bought more of (generally I want to try new things) It is THAT GOOD. I use it on my eyes every morning and see a marked difference when I don’t.

Favorite Game — Trekking the National Parks

Again, full disclosure, I was sent this for free. But again, so fun! I am not obligated to write about it, but I have had so much interest in it I knew I needed to link to it here. It is the perfect game for families, game night, and National Park enthusiasts.