Follow the links below to other content and sites I have been featured on or written for :) 

Women on The Road Podcast — Episode 37

Listen to an interview with me on my favorite podcast! I talk with host Laura Hughes about road travel, National Parks, and so much more!


Interview with Amy Rigby for Outdoorsy. Learn more about me, car camping, and SUV conversion!

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As Told By Women Interview

Q and A covering all sorts of topics :)


Nissan Rogue Build Out How To

My brother-in-law's guide to building the sleeping platform in my Nissan Rogue.

uproxx roadtrip.PNG

UPROXX - Roadies Coach Review

Article I wrote detailing my week on a Roadies Southwest Tour. 


LuminAID Interview

Read my interview, then check out their awesome story and products!

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Elevation Outdoors Article

Profile of people who are "on the road" 


The Limit Does Not Exist -- Podcast

Interview covering teaching, exploring, and dresses! :) 

UPROXX National Parks Guide

My National Parks Travel Guide interview -- detailing my 12 travel tips.

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National Park Geek of the Week Interview

Interview about my National Parks quest.